Understanding the cost of care

Understanding the Cost of Care…

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Understanding the Cost of Care…

The topic of elder care can be very difficult to talk about, or to even think about; but it is important that you do not leave it until it’s too late. Understanding the cost of care is critical before organising homecare or signing up for the Fair Deal Scheme.   Senior care or care of the elderly needs to be planned for or the cost of a senior home is likely to come as a big shock to families.

When it comes to organising care of the elderly, you first must understand the costs that are involved especially in relation to the Fair Deal Scheme and senior living.

It is up to your whether you opt for Family Care, for Home Care, or for Nursing Home Care.

You may find the video below informative where I briefly touch on a very common conundrum facing older clients especially the Fair Deal application form as regards senior living…

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