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Cost of Package:

Package Includes:

3 x
90 minute sessions
+ a comprehensive final report as outlined below.

This includes 3 x 90-minute sessions and a final report which will include:

  • an outline of your current situation
  • a list of your options regarding eldercare
  • recommendations on how to proceed
  • a detailed calculation based upon information provided to us

All your questions will be answered and by the end of the process you will be 100% clear in your understanding of how the Fair Deal Scheme applies in your situation.

HOMECARE: There are several options for homecare including using an Agency or employing a carer directly yourself.

NURSING HOME CARE: You pay a financial contribution based upon your income and assets and the HSE pays the rest of the cost of the nursing home

INCOME:  money coming in regularly such as pension, rental income, dividends

ASSETS: Family Home, Holiday Home, Savings in the Bank or Credit Union

ANCILLARY LOAN: If you are short on cash but have assets talk to Emer today about an ancillary loan.

Crystalise your situation and your options in a final report.
We will ensure that you are getting all your entitlements in relation to paying for eldercare.
As time is of the essence, we commit to resolving your issues within 8 – 12 weeks.

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