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Cost of Package:

Package Includes:

2 x
90 minute sessions
+ a comprehensive final report as outlined below.

This includes 2 x 90-minute sessions and a final report which will include:

  • an outline of your current situation
  • a list of your options regarding eldercare
  • recommendations on how to proceed

Emer Lavin Eldercare will explain your options in relation to the type of eldercare you are looking for and support you in dealing with challenges along the way such as dealing with the transition between hospital and entering into full time care (family care, homecare or nursing home care).

Crystalise your situation and your options in a final report.
We will ensure that you are getting all your entitlements in relation to paying for eldercare.
As time is of the essence, we commit to resolving your issues within 8 – 12 weeks.

The Common Issues...

Illness & Its Effects

Coping with Stress

Contacting Family Members

Doctors & Hospitals

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