Family Carers

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Family Carers

Family carers save the State a huge amount of money.

And yet only about a quarter of applications for Carer’s Allowance are successful.

Many people are providing care to family members and not looking for any reward.  The hours are long and it is tough, isolating work.  Sometimes carers give too much and this has a detrimental effect on their own health.  There is an excellent organisation called Family Carers Ireland which provides support to carers and enables them to meet each other.

If an older person needs to go into a nursing home that can be very hard for the person who has been caring for them.  The carer may be affected by the loss of their carer identity.   Many carers suffer problems with their own mental and physical health because they are so busy looking after someone else they do not have time to pay attention to their own needs.

If you are a family carer and the person you are looking after might need to go into a nursing home please contact to book a consultation today.


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