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Corporate Training on Care of the Elderly:

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Corporate Training on Care of the Elderly

All of our training is designed to be interesting, informative and have a practical learning outcome that participants can apply in their own lives to benefit them and their families.  One of the most important considerations is the cost of care.

Goal of Corporate Training re Eldercare:

To raise awareness among individuals and their families about care of the elderly and to give participants the tools to deal with different scenarios in arranging senior care  and senior living noting that care arrangements may vary at different stages of the ageing process. 

Corporate Pricing available on request


We have tailored programmes for Employers /HR Professionals in relation to care of the elderly

Customised courses about eldercare may be provided on request

Eldercare Training is primarily on a group basis

One to one training in relation to senior care may be arranged

Eldercare Training will take place during work hours unless otherwise specified

Topics covered include ageing well, the Fair Deal Scheme, Dementia, senior homes

Individuals will benefit from working out different family responsibilities around care for the elderly

Up to date Information about senior care

Discussion of Possible Scenarios
about taking care of the elderly

Time for Questions about eldercare homes, senior living

Private One to One Training about care for the elderly

Eldercare Themes

Wellness & Aging

Goal - To broaden participant's thinking about ageing well. What type of senior living or senior care do they want?

Financial Cost of Healthcare

Goal – to help participants realise the real cost of eldercare in terms of time, energy and money and to start planning ahead and understanding the Fair Deal Scheme for nursing homes.

Health in Later Years

Goal – to enable participants to realise that ageing well is a choice and it starts now! Care of the elderly is easier when people are healthier.

Making Family Decisions

Goal – to consider what can be done to help older relatives to fully understand the Fair Deal Scheme and to appreciate that many families face similar issues around care of the elderly.

Topics Included:

  • Is there a typical ageing journey before reaching the stage that one needs senior care?
  • How to talk to your parent about getting older eg. losing their driving licence
  • Transitioning into a nursing home or senior community home
  • End of life care as the final stage of eldercare 

Who Should Attend?

Courses about taking care of the elderly are likely to be of specific interest to people over the age of forty with parents in their seventies. The information will be useful to both the adult children and the parents (although the parents need not attend).

Employees who have caring responsibilities will benefit form open discussion to consider issues that require medium to long term planning in respect of themselves, their relationship with their partners, their children and their parents to arrange suitable senior care.

Method of Delivery

  • Online Training using Zoom with Polls and Breakout rooms
  • In person in house training using role play

Programme Delivery

  • Lunchtime seminars
  • Half Day seminars
  • Full Day seminars
  • Repeat seminars

*Prices available on application

Ideal No. of Participants

  • Online Training – up to 30
  • In person Training – 12 to 15 persons

Learning Objective

Participants will complete a One Page Plan which will help them to consolidate
the learning from the seminar and incorporate the learning into their lives.


Corporate Pricing available on request.

Emer Lavin, your independent and impartial eldercare advisor

Emer grew up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and this experience sparked an interest in equality and human rights. She qualified as a solicitor in 1996 and practised law for a number of years before leaving to have a family in 2004. Around this time she also did voluntary work with cancer patients.

Emer identified a need for people to plan ahead in relation to eldercare and the Fair Deal Scheme for families to be able to access independent and impartial advice. With this in mind she etablished Emer Lavin Eldercare in 2018 to provide information and advice in relation to senior care and senior living.

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Corporate Testimonials

Emer is a member of the HaloCare Expert Panel and is a skilled advisor in the area of Eldercare. Emer also speaks to the media on behalf of HaloCare on a wide range of multi- faceted topics effecting the care of the elderly today. As a company committed to making a tangible overall difference to the communities in which we work, Emer has proven to be a huge asset to HaloCare in providing us with her extensive insight and expertise.

Therese Cullen Marketing Director Halocare Group July 2021

The session delivered was insightful. Employees were pleased with the content. It was clear and explanatory. Emer was there to support additional questions.

Naomi James National HR Director Kuehne Nagel July 2021

I consulted Emer Lavin about the Fair Deal Scheme and found her to be professional and knowledgeable about the cost of eldercare.

Sean Mc Keigue, Mc Keigue Kelly & Co., Accountants, Kiltormer, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Emer delivered training on how to avoid family disputes in relation to eldercare to Family Carers Ireland in October 2019. Emer is a skilled communicator and the audience got a lot from it. Emer answered questions and was very helpful to the participants.

Francis Kane Family Carers Ireland October 2018