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The Issue...

You have been affected by a parent or family member becoming ill  through heart attack, stroke, cancer, or a more gradual onset such as Parkinson’s or dementia.

You now need help and advice for these unforeseen circumstances, but you don’t know where to turn for it.

The Challenge...

The first priorty is to seek medical attention.

After your parent is diagnosed and perhaps hospitalised decisions will need to be made about their care:

  •  Can they continue to live at home?
  •   Who will look after them?
  •   How much will it cost?


The Solution...

There are various options at-hand for a situation like so, but most people want to keep these personal matters private.

Understanding your concerns, Emer provides a confidential service where you can discuss in detail the best options for your situation.

Disclaimer: In order to maintain the anonymity of past clients, Emer has changed identifiable characteristics and details (e.g. names, occupations, places of residence etc.) from their stories above.

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