Don’t assume that you are too well off for the Fair Deal Scheme

Don’t assume that you are too well off for the Fair Deal Scheme.   Emer Lavin Eldercare has come across people who are under the misconception that the Fair Deal scheme is not for them.  They think that they are too rich.  But it pays to do the calculations and then decide and not prejudge the […]

How eldercare has evolved in Ireland

How eldercare has evolved in Ireland over time. Historically Irish mothers lived with “the son and the daughter in law”.  My paternal grandmother lived with my aunt and uncle on the farm until she died in 1977.  My  maternal grandmother Granny M. lived until 2006 which was amost thirty years after my other Granny died […]

Ageing and Denial in Ireland

Ageing and denial go hand in hand in Ireland today. My father used to say “Gosh, so and so has got very old looking, not realising that he was getting old looking himself!” I think that denial is a mixture between being too busy, too stressed and being too vain.   Nobody wants to admit that […]

The cost of Eldercare for your older relative

The cost of eldercare for your  older relative who requires eldercare is a real worry.    You can be sure that it is not going to be cheap.  The first step is probably for the family to try and look after the person themselves.  That may work for a while until other responsibilites take over […]

Ageing Well

  Having reached the grand old age of 50 years last month I am starting to think about the concept of ageing.   And the aches and creaks are starting.  When someone mentions the words “oh she is ageing well” it always makes me think of skincare.   And whilst skincare is an important part of ageing […]

Covid Vaccines

My mother in law, who lives in Northern Ireland was fortunate enough to receive the Pfizer covid vaccine dose 1 in January 2021 and dose 2 in February.   My  parents got the Astra Zeneca jab between February and May 2021. It is great that the 50-59 year old age group will be vaccinated next.  I […]

Understanding the Cost of Care…

The topic of elder care can be very difficult to talk about, or to even think about; but it is important that you do not leave it until it’s too late. When it comes to organising care for a relative, you first must understand the costs that are involved. It is up to your whether […]

What Covid-19 has taught us about our attitude to planning for later life…

The startling Covid-19 crisis has sadly touched many areas of Irish society especially the lives of older people. Current events have highlighted the importance of family relationships and there is a dawning realization that older family members should be properly cared in later life. Emer Lavin, Managing Director of Emer Lavin Eldercare commented: “The current […]

Are you worried about losing the farm under the Fair Deal Scheme?

Are you worried about losing the farm under the Fair Deal Scheme? Farm families are particularly attached to the land because it has provided their livelihood for years and it may have been passed down through the generations.   This area has been quite muddled for a number of years and it is still not fully […]

Eldercare – When an older person can no longer live alone

How do you know when an older person can no longer live alone? Family members tend to know when they are getting increasingly worried about a older person living on their own  especially if the person is getting unsteady on their feet and is at risk of falling.  Or you might notice that your mother/father […]