How do you get the facts about your older parent’s behaviour?

How do you get the facts about your older parent’s behaviour?  First of all you need to step back from the  situation and resist the urge to step in and fix what you see as problems.  You cannot fix anything until you figure out what the problems are.  And that takes time, gentle questioning and a […]

How to spot that your older relative is not coping or becoming forgetful

How to  spot that your older relative is not coping or becoming forgetful , here are some suggestions:  Hoarding or gathering clutter Confusion about what medication they have taken Unpaid bills Not much food in the fridge & cupboards Burnt pots and pans Stains on clothing Hair standing on end Failure to shower or bath […]

Ageing and Denial in Ireland

Ageing and denial go hand in hand in Ireland today. My father used to say “Gosh, so and so has got very old looking, not realising that he was getting old looking himself!” I think that denial is a mixture between being too busy, too stressed and being too vain.   Nobody wants to admit that […]

What Covid 19 has taught us about senior care

What Covid 19  has taught us about senior care is that people tend to ignore eldercare issues until it is too late.  Covid-19 has sadly touched many areas of Irish society especially the lives of older people. Current events have highlighted the importance of family relationships and the importance of care for the elderly.  Covid […]

Understanding the Cost of Care…

The topic of elder care can be very difficult to talk about, or to even think about; but it is important that you do not leave it until it’s too late. Understanding the cost of care is critical before organising homecare or signing up for the Fair Deal Scheme.   Senior care or care of the […]

What is the Decision Support Service?

What is the Decision Support Service?  Have you heard of it and who does it relate to?  The answer is that the Decision Support Service is a new Government  Agency which provides information to anyone whose capacity may be impaired  to enable that person to put in place an agreement to get assistance in making […]

Dementia and Covid

Dementia and Covid  is still a topical issue.    Dementia can be hard to recognise in a loved one especially if the disease manifests itself over a period of time.  There are different forms of dementia and they can affect memory, thinking, speech and the ability to do ordinary tasks.  A diagnosis of dementia is […]

Dementia in Eldercare

Dementia in eldercare is an important issue for families.   There are many possible causes of a lack of capacity such as dementia, brain injury or stroke.   Sometimes the onset of symptoms is sudden, or it can be a more gradual process where dementia is present. When a person is admitted to hospital suffering from a […]

How eldercare has evolved in Ireland

How eldercare has evolved in Ireland over time – care for the elderly has always been an issue in society and it still is today. Historically Irish mothers lived with “the son and the daughter in law”.  My paternal grandmother lived with my aunt and uncle on the farm until she died in 1977.  My  […]